April Newsletter

I'm warning you now. I decided to do the newsletter just a tad different this month. It's all in black and white. Plus, I'm super tired as I write this so--lucky you--there shouldn't be too much chatter. I decided to go black and white on a whim. Lately it's just been speaking to me and I've been having a lot of fun using black and white. I don't know any of the technical things about it--I know that black and white photography is a whole art in and of itself. But man, there's just something about the way that the lack of color draws attention to the details.


April began with the most perfect of days spent with these two. I needed to go to Des Moines sometime to look at some photography locations for an upcoming engagement session. So, somewhat spur-of-the-moment I decided to go on Monday, April 1st. Always up for a little adventure, they were quick to agree to come along with me. And goodness, we talked about everything from biblical theology to fake boyfriends (they pranked me pretty good with a story). It's days like this that I want to always remember.
The set up: 50mm f/5 1/2000 ISO 200


Spring began to show itself by pushing up so many of these adorable grape hyacinths at the abandoned house next door. I think the cold winter must have been good for them, because I think there were more than I've ever seen before.
The set up: 35mm f/2.8 1/160 ISO 280


I am still working several days a week as a barista. I'm slowing seeing some progress in my latte art and in my ability to converse with strangers.
The set up:35mm f/2.8 1/200 ISO 400

I was surprised when I received an email asking if I wanted to be a part of a large collaborative styled shoot that an event venue was hosting. I honestly have no idea how they got my name, but I quickly said that I was in! It turned out to be a cold, cloudy day but the models did their jobs beautifully. It was super challenging to try and get creative shots when there were 3-4 other photographers all trying to direct the same couple. But I tried to be super creative and I'm so happy with what I walked away with. And seriously, look at these two! They did so well--and had never even met before this shoot. They're the real MVPs.

Excuse me while I try to go find a way to stay awake until bedtime. Much love, Melody Rose