December/January 2018/19

Hello, hello. It's February. Did you notice we missed the December newsletter? It's been bugging me all the livelong month. But I just didn't know what to say, you know? I didn't want some cliche, "It had its ups, it had its downs. But it was a good year." I mean, it was a good year. But I just didn't know what to say about it. I don't like the passing of time--which also means that I don't like to dwell on it or think about it at all. So that's my explanation of why I didn't send out a December newsletter. Because I just knew that you all were dying to hear one.
     I chose the photo for the new banner because it is one of my absolute favorites from last year. Kinda funny, huh? Out of all of the fantastic flower photos I got, this is my favorite! There's just something about it though--I have it on my phone's lock screen and sometimes I just stare at it and the intricacies of the petals. I'm just so honored that I get to be involved in capturing such beauty. And oh my goodness--the plans for this year! I cannot wait to see what things I end up trying to grow and what beautiful things survive.
    Usually, when I write these newsletters, I look back at Instagram to see what I posted over the last month, and then I try to deviate from that at least a little. Looking back, I just could not believe that I didn't write a December newsletter--I had to check multiple times to make sure. It just felt like so long ago and it would be weird to talk about December now, right? And then that thought just spirals down into why in the world I'm even doing this anyways (I honestly don't know...I think I read somewhere that it was a good thing to do for your business or something). Anyways, it'll be a fun mix of December and January in the usual haphazard fashion. 
   By the way, thank you for following along and reading this ridiculousness. You are awesome. 


This is pie. End of story. 

Okay, maybe not completely end of story. I made this pie because it looked beautiful on Pinterest and it sounded yummy. Then, when I tried to take photos of it, I just had the hardest time setting it up in a way that I liked. Plus, um...I may have burned it a little. Anyways, the point being that creative food photography is actually pretty hard.
The set up: 50mm f/3.2 1/160 ISO 1100


This photo was actually taken in November. And for whatever reason, I didn't add it then so I'm adding it now. It looks super yummy and reminds me of the beautiful tall windows we had in an Airbnb in downtown Minneapolis.

March 29, note: I brought the ingredients for these on our trip and made them—just a square of parchment paper, a little container of cinnamon sugar, a round of brie, and a can of crescent rolls.

The set up: 35mm f/3.5 1/800 ISO 560


In a desperate attempt to do something creative with the moody clouds and brown earth (side note: I prefer this to snow), I crawled through a fence into the neighbor's corn field and tried to not feel self-conscious that someone driving by on the road might be able to see me in my strange get-up. I also scoured the fence rows for anything remotely beautiful and bouquet-like and was not disappointed (it helps to have low expectations). The results were gloriously moody and yay! I have yet another self portrait shoot for no reason.

The set up:50mm f/2.8 1/320 ISO 400


I really felt like I just hardly did anything this month. So when I finally had a day off with no long list of tasks to complete, I wasted time making yummy/pretty food. Crepes are delicious. I should make them more often. So that I can actually just eat them for once instead of making it look like they're being eaten and just photographing them instead.

The Set Up: 35mm f/3.2 1/250 ISO 560

Bonus Image: Popcorn and coffee.

Bonus Image: Popcorn and coffee.

Bonus Image: Katrina looking super good in my dress.

Bonus Image: Katrina looking super good in my dress.

Bonus Image: Fellow Stagg kettle looking good in an Airbnb.

Bonus Image: Fellow Stagg kettle looking good in an Airbnb.

Okay, so it was a slow couple of months. I should be thankful--before I know it, the sunshine will be here and allllll the busyness with it. I have some fun things planned for February though, so hopefully next month's letter will be just a wee bit more interesting. Much love, Melody Rose