Graceful Girls | Burlington, IA

 Way back in January, this group of friends spent the weekend together at the Inspire Women's Conference in Goshen, IN. It was there that they cooked up a scheme to see each other again. You see, there were a couple of slight problems. First of all, one of them lived in Missouri, one in Michigan, one in northern Indiana and two in southern Indiana. In addition, none of them were quite old enough to drive on a road trip. No one really knows where the idea came from--the sleep deprivation, the overload of snacks, or the optimism that comes from being young, but they had an idea nonetheless. The idea was that everyone could travel together to Missouri and spend a weekend with Katrina. The only problem: how to get here. AND that's where I came into play. My nearest and dearest friend Rosanna lives in Ohio--very close to Indiana. "Would Rosanna drive the girls out here do you think? And could we all stay at your house?" Katrina asked, after I laughed at their well-planned scheme. "Umm I don't know, but I can ask her!" was my chuckled reply.

  So, after months of planning, my dearest friend Rosanna, drove four girls 8 hours to spend the weekend at my house. The weekend was packed full of fun, and of course, we had to do a photoshoot. I am not at all kidding when I say I could've shot these girls for hours. They are all so beautiful, and lively, and adorable, and you get the picture. For introductions, check out my Instagram feed @roseonajourney where they are all tagged in photos from this shoot. Enjoy!