March 2019


Wow. You guys. March was a month of food. Of good food. Interestingly, as much as I love to think of myself as a super sophisticated foodie--the things that I love making and perfecting the most are the simplest, most basic things that a baker should make. I think my subconscious thought process is that if I can't make the absolute best basic things, what business do I have trying to make fancy things? 
   This month meant that the sun sets later which gives me more time to take food photos and what a fun train ride that's been. Here's to hoping April continues on that same path. This month is when I start a lot of my tiny little seeds and hope that they grow (things are currently looking good on that front). It marks six months of working at Hub Coffee as a barista and I'm grateful for what that has taught me about practice and persistence. Honestly, I'm a little sad to see winter go. (Snow, not so much...moody brown land and grey skies is what I'm going to be missing.) I'm not quite ready for the roller coaster of spring-summer-fall to take off. But ready or not--it's here.


This is quite possibly my favorite winter portrait yet. It had been a long Saturday--up long before dawn to help with a women's event, I had done my part, taken some photos, and then came back home mid-afternoon. It was just such a glorious moody day. (I either want days that are crystal clear and sunny or dark and heavy--no in-between nonsense.) I don't know if I can even describe to you this day--but it was beautiful. I was tired, but I just wanted to get out and photograph something. I tried on outfit after outfit to come up with something that was unique but that also fit the mood. I finally just went with this simple outfit and drove to a new spot that I'd been wanting to check out for awhile. Of course, just as I arrived, it began to pour rain. So I sat, and I waited. I listened to the sound of the rain and tried to soak in the feeling of the landscape around me. It eventually let up, and I walked over the hill to see the spot I was hoping to shoot. It was perfect. It had all of the brownness and greyness I was hoping for. I may look sad in this shot--but trust me, I was so happy. Moral of the story: if your heart tells you to go do something, do it. 
The set up: 100mm f/3.5 1/320 ISO 200


I don't know why I made so much more pretty and photogenic food this month. I guess once the ball started rolling, I remembered how much I love doing food photography and how it's really not that hard to just add that to the baking routine. I love it, it's fun, enough said. What should I bake next month?

March had me working through so many things. Business things, personal development things, all kinds of things. I took some steps forward and I'm excited to see where those steps lead in the coming days. Here's a random thing I learned--I've always thought of myself as being bad at talking to/with people. Turns out, I'm just bad at small talk. But if you need someone to go deep with--I'm all in with that. Ugh, it's the stuff of my dreams. Also, if you happen to mention a topic I'm passionate might have a hard time getting me to shut up. Soo yeah. Do what you will with that information. Much love, Melody Rose