Sarah Waggoner | Wapello State Park Portraits

A long time ago, when adventuring (in other words, being bored and exploring state parks) I came across this lovely spot in Wapello State Park, near Bloomfield, IA. Except for the lack of electricity and no restrooms in the immediate vicinity, this would be the perfect spot for an outdoor wedding! I feel like I say that a lot—why are the best locations usually primitive?! This gorgeous space was built by the CCC. Is it just me or does anyone else have a completely romanticized view of the CCC workers? It’s kind of like the same way I feel about the lumberjacks of old—there’s just something about them! (Or maybe it’s only me??) ANYWAYS. I’ve always wanted to shoot a session here, but it’s pretty far out of the way for most of my clients. So, when Sarah and I were trying to decide where to do her shoot, I remembered this spot! Turns out, it was the perfect location in between where we lived—not to mention it had a couple of places that we could use in the event that it rained.

                I am just so in love with this shoot! It was super fun and easy to capture Sarah—she was so effortlessly relaxed and beautiful! Sarah is a musician and plays multiple instruments. She also dabbles in song writing—so who knows? Maybe one day you’ll see her name in bright lights! I hope you enjoy these photos of the gorgeous Sarah—show her some love by leaving a comment below!