Bread of Life

I don't know about you, but I love word pictures. Throughout the Bible, God uses so many word pictures, visuals, and allegories to help us to be able to connect the dots and come to a deeper understanding of Who He is. This is one verse in particular that I love to roll around in my mind. He is the bread of life. What does that mean? What does that look like? He is what we need to survive. He sustains and refreshes our souls. He is the ultimate 'food' that our hearts long for. What does it mean to you that He is the bread of life?

Download the image here to print or to use as a background. Bread of Life

Image copyright Melody Rose Photography. For personal use only.

Image copyright Melody Rose Photography. For personal use only.

A Coffee Printable!!

     Coffee. How weird is it that a drink can be so important to us? I truly do believe however, in the power of a good cup of coffee--it can draw people together in a way that little else can. And isn't it funny how so many of us, when describing ourselves, say, "I love coffee." So tell me, why do you love coffee? I love the flavor, the caffeine, the houses that are made for this beverage and the just the act of crafting a good cup of joe. (Also, why do we call it a cup of joe?)

    So today, I have a free printable for you! This is the perfect print for your kitchen or coffee nook. For best results, I would recommend you to get the file printed professionally (my personal fave photo printer is Mpix). To download and save the image, click the link here --> Coffee Helps