Katrina Grace

A couple of random things about Katrina: she loves coffee & photography. She is an extrovert, and loves to make new friends. She, along with a couple of friends, has started a magazine @thevirtuousdaughter. She is creative and colorful and vivacious. You can follow her @treenie.grace

Sara Lucile

A couple of random things about Sara: She's not a fan of coffee. She's the youngest of six siblings, and the only girl. She enjoys cooking up new recipes for her family. In her opinion, prince charming should ride a four-wheeler.

Faith Melinda

A couple random things about Faith: She loves routine. She does not like having her photo taken. She has a HUGE servant's heart. She loves popular Christian music, especially Matthew West. She really enjoys reading. She loves to spend time outside & in her bedroom listening to music and reading!

Carl & Elycia Good

It was so fun to photograph these two! I had the pleasure of taking their engagement photos a little over two years ago, and it was fun to look back and compare the two shoots.  I am so inspired by their relationship--they are both very committed to serving each other and the Lord. Carl & Lish are now in their second year of farming--Lish is my hero, she's learned to drive tractor and to take on all of the other farm wife duties! Elycia has also started a business selling colonial era American Girl doll dresses on etsy, so you should definitely check out her Instagram @pastelegance_designs.