Bread of Life

I don't know about you, but I love word pictures. Throughout the Bible, God uses so many word pictures, visuals, and allegories to help us to be able to connect the dots and come to a deeper understanding of Who He is. This is one verse in particular that I love to roll around in my mind. He is the bread of life. What does that mean? What does that look like? He is what we need to survive. He sustains and refreshes our souls. He is the ultimate 'food' that our hearts long for. What does it mean to you that He is the bread of life?

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Image copyright Melody Rose Photography. For personal use only.

Image copyright Melody Rose Photography. For personal use only.

Heart to Heart 2017

Several years ago, a couple of local women had a vision of a day where the women of rural Northeast Missouri could come together for a day of Biblical teaching, encouragement, and fellowship with other believers. The result of this vision was a one-day conference now called Heart to Heart (in previous years it was called Ladies Day). This year now marks the 8th year of Heart to Heart. Yvonne Brown, Dorcas Swartzentruber, and Novalee Shank are the charter members of the Heart to Heart committee, and each year ask a handful of ladies from other local churches to serve on the planning committee with them.

These ladies put many hours and prayers into the planning of this day. This is clearly evidenced in the creative décor, extremely delicious food, and the meaningful message. The committee behind it all has done such an excellent job of making it a team effort--women from multiple churches contributed to the meal by donating soup, salad, condiments and more! In addition, the First Baptist Church of Memphis, MO has graciously made their facilities available for Heart to Heart for a number years.

This year, Jen Miller was asked to speak on the topic of hope. Many know Jen as the author of Life Is A Gift, in which she shares her struggle to accept the journey of faith God had chosen for her life. All who were in attendance at Heart to Heart were blessed and encouraged as she shared her life’s journey and the hope that she has found in Christ.

I hope you enjoy looking through the photos from this year's Heart to Heart! For more information on Heart to Heart, and to keep updated on next year's date, theme, and speaker, visit their Facebook page.

A Coffee Printable!!

     Coffee. How weird is it that a drink can be so important to us? I truly do believe however, in the power of a good cup of coffee--it can draw people together in a way that little else can. And isn't it funny how so many of us, when describing ourselves, say, "I love coffee." So tell me, why do you love coffee? I love the flavor, the caffeine, the houses that are made for this beverage and the just the act of crafting a good cup of joe. (Also, why do we call it a cup of joe?)

    So today, I have a free printable for you! This is the perfect print for your kitchen or coffee nook. For best results, I would recommend you to get the file printed professionally (my personal fave photo printer is Mpix). To download and save the image, click the link here --> Coffee Helps

Katrina Grace

A couple of random things about Katrina: she loves coffee & photography. She is an extrovert, and loves to make new friends. She, along with a couple of friends, has started a magazine @thevirtuousdaughter. She is creative and colorful and vivacious. You can follow her @treenie.grace

Sara Lucile

A couple of random things about Sara: She's not a fan of coffee. She's the youngest of six siblings, and the only girl. She enjoys cooking up new recipes for her family. In her opinion, prince charming should ride a four-wheeler.

Faith Melinda

A couple random things about Faith: She loves routine. She does not like having her photo taken. She has a HUGE servant's heart. She loves popular Christian music, especially Matthew West. She really enjoys reading. She loves to spend time outside & in her bedroom listening to music and reading!

Carl & Elycia Good

It was so fun to photograph these two! I had the pleasure of taking their engagement photos a little over two years ago, and it was fun to look back and compare the two shoots.  I am so inspired by their relationship--they are both very committed to serving each other and the Lord. Carl & Lish are now in their second year of farming--Lish is my hero, she's learned to drive tractor and to take on all of the other farm wife duties! Elycia has also started a business selling colonial era American Girl doll dresses on etsy, so you should definitely check out her Instagram @pastelegance_designs.