Wedding Packages

Wedding Packages


Your story is unique. The things that have led you as a couple to this place in your lives is special to you. There’s a lot of pressure in the wedding industry to have a perfect wedding. To get all of the decor just so. To plan the day to flow so perfectly and to be something that your friends will talk about for years. But that’s not what really matters.

As your photographer, I take it as my sacred responsibility to be present for your story—whether it’s a literal fairy-tale or whether it’s barely a story at all. Either way, it’s still your story. So no matter how simple or over-the-top your special day is, it would be my joy to honor your story by photographing your wedding.

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In an effort to keep things simple, I only offer one wedding day photography package. If this package does not seem to fit your needs, I am open to chatting about other possibilities.

Wedding Day Package Includes:

8 Hours of Wedding Day Coverage

Online Gallery With Access To Share, Print and Download All Images

Travel is not included in package price.

I would love to hear about your day and what you’re planning. Fill out the form below to start the conversation!